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OUPES Mega 2 Power Station | Free Chargers Included | 2500W, 2048Wh, Fast Charge

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OUPES Mega 2 Power Station | 2500W, 2048Wh, Fast Charge

*You can expand the OUPES Mega 2 by adding a B2 Expansion Battery up to 6 times.

 *Free AC and solar charging cables included!

Product Features

  • 2048Wh Capacity | 2500W AC Pure Sine Wave Inverter (5400W Surge)
  • LiFePO4 Battery with 3,500+ Life Cycles to 80%
  • Expandable Up to 10.24kWh with B2*4
  • 15 Outputs For Multiple Devices
  • Smart HD LCD display
  • Fastest Charging Speed: Fully charge in 0.6 hours
  • 3700W Max. Input charging speed
  • Anderson Recharging Input
  • Seamless UPS Backup (2500W Max)
  • Smart Control & Monitor in OUPES App

Power 99% of Appliances

With an impressive 2048Wh capacity and a powerful 2500W AC output, our portable power station is designed to effortlessly power a wide range of appliances. whether you're outdoors or home, MEGA2 is the ultimate solution for all your power needs.


The Mega 2 Can Charge...

• Phone (10W): 180+ Charges
• CPAP (40W): 45+ Hrs
• Laptop (58W): 30+ Hrs
• Light (10W): 180+ Hrs
• Fan (55W): 35+ Hrs
• Refrigerator (360W): 5+ Hrs
• Microwave (700W): 2.8+ Hrs
• Hair Dryer (800W): 2.5+ Hrs
• Toaster (800W): 2.5+ Hrs
• Washer (500W): 5+ Hrs
• Electric Grill (1150W): 1.7+ Hrs
• Kettle (1500W): 1.3+ Hrs
• Air Conditioner (1800W): 1+ Hrs
• Air Fryer (1500W): 1.3+ Hrs
• Coffee Maker (1000W): 1.8+ Hrs

Stable LiFePO4 Battery

The Mega 2 uses EV-grade LiFePO4 battery, which can be used for 3500+ cycles at 80% depth of discharge. Combined with OUPES' advanced battery management system, the Mega 2 is incredibly safe and durable. 3500 Battery Charge Cycles to last at least 10 years of good health.

Multi-Channel Charging Tech

The Mega 2 can deliver record-breaking recharging speeds of up to 3700W. Unleash the sun's power with OUPES's high-performance solar panels and a staggering 2100W of solar input. Embrace the exhilaration of off-grid living and experience the freedom of a sustainable lifestyle.
• AC Charging: 1600W (1.3 hour recharge)
• Solar Charging: 2100W (1 hour)
• AC + Solar Charging: 3700W (0.6 hours)

Protect Your Devices From Damage

The BMS battery management system has over-voltage protection, over-current protection, and over-heat protection. It adjusts the charging voltage and speed to suit your device's needs.

Monitor and Control

No need to get up from your comfy sofa - you can operate Mega 2 from your mobile phone conveniently. On the OUPES App, you can view and control your power station status, such as real-time input & output, port status, extended battery status, and more.

Integration with Home Circuits

Building up your home backup system to keep your essential circuits running when a blackout hits. Ensure peace of mind with the easily integrated whole-home backup kit: OUPES Mega 2,Pro/Tran 2® Transfer Switch Kit, and NEMA TT-30P to L14-30R Cord (email for more info on this kit).




• Capacity: 2048Wh


• Battery Chemistry: LFP(LiFePO4)

• Cycle Life: 3,500+ cycles to 80% capacity

• UPS: ≤20ms

• BMS: Yes


• AC Output: 4X120V/2500W
• DC Output: 2X5.5mm DC Output 12V/10A
• USB-A: 4 X QC3.0 18W Max
• USB-C: 5V/3A:9V/3A:12V/3A:15V/3A:20V/5A (100W Max)
• AC TT-30 Output: 120V/2500W
• Car Output: 12V/10A
• Anderson Output: 12V/30A


• Fast AC Charge Input: 100~120Va.c 16A Max 1600W Max
• Slow AC Charge Input: 100~120Va.c 16A Max 800W Max

• PV (Anderson) Input: 12~150Vd.c 15A Max 2100W Max

Smart Control

• Connectivity: Bluetooth, Wifi
• App Control: Yes
• Amazon Alexa & Google Assistant: Yes


• Net Weight: 45.81b.(22kg)
• Dimensions: 18.1*10.6*12in (460*270*305mm)
• Operating Temperature: 0℃~40℃/30℉~104℉
• Storage Temperature: 0℃~40℃/30℉~104℉
• Certification: UN38.3.MSDs
• Warranty: 36 Months



In the Box (MEGA 2)

• 1x Mega 2 Portable Power Station
• 1x AC Charging Cable
• 1x Anderson to Anderson Cable
• 1x 7909 to Anderson Charging Cable
• 1x Car to Anderson Charging Cable
• 1x MC4 to Anderson Charging Cable
• 1x User Manual
• 1x Warranty Card

 Optional Add Ons: B2 Expansion Batteries, 240W Solar Panels



How does the OUPES Mega 2 compare to the EcoFlow DELTA 2 Max or Jackery Explorer 2000 Pro?
• Capacity: MEGA 2 has 2048Wh, Ecoflow Delta 2 Max has 2048Wh, Jackery Explorer 2000 Pro has 2160Wh

• Output: MEGA 2 can output 2500W, Ecoflow Delta 2 Max can output 2200W, Jackery Explorer 2000 Pro can output 2200W

• Charging: MEGA 2 has a maximum charging efficiency of 3100W, Ecoflow Delta 2 Max is 2800W, and Jackery Explorer 2000 Pro can output 3200W.

• Battery type: Both MEGA 2 and Ecoflow Delta 2 Max are LiFePO4 Battery, and the battery remains healthy for up to 3,500+ Life Cycles. The Jackery Explorer 2000 Pro battery uses Lithium-ion Battery, which can only maintain 1000+ Life Cycles to 80% capacity.

• Output Ports: MEGA 2 has 15 output ports, Ecoflow Delta 2 Max has 14 output ports, Jackery Explorer 2000 Pro has 8 output ports

• Cost (subject to change): MEGA 2 is currently discounted to $1223, Ecoflow Delta 2 Max is $1599, and Jackery Explorer 2000 Pro is $1899


How do I know if the Mega 2 can power my device?
The OUPES Mega 2 can run any device that requires less than 120V and 2500W. You can calculate the charge time using the following formula: 2048Wh* 0.85 / operating power of your device.


Can I use solar panels from other brands with the Mega 2?

Not all solar panels on the market are compatible, so we recommend pairing the Mega 2 with the OUPES 240W solar panels to ensure compatibility for your setup.

What types of battery does the Mega 2 use?

OUPES uses a LiFePO4 battery, which is eco-friendly and more stable.


Does it support pass-through charging?
Yes, the Mega 2 supports pass-through charging.


Does the OUPES Mega 2 package come with all the charging cables?
Yes, the OUPES Mega 2 package will come with all the charging cables, you don't need to purchase any extra cables.

Do all OUPES Portable Power Stations come with a pure-sine wave inverter?

Yes, all OUPES portable power stations use a built-in pure-sine wave inverter.


OPEUS Warranty and Returns

Limited Warranty
With OUPES, you can be sure of consistent, world-class outdoor power station that meet the highest global quality and safety, delivered in spec and on time. In the event that you are not satisfied with your purchase, simply return it within 30 days from the date of delivery. Please keep in mind that all returns must be unused, unwashed and undamaged and all packaging, labels and tags must remain intact and be attached with the item. Promotional items, flash sales, clearance items and any items marked as "final sale" are not eligible for partial refunds, exchanges, or returns. All sales are final.

Warranty Period 
The warranty period for OUPES products is 24 months. In each case, the warranty period is measured starting on the date of purchase by the original consumer purchaser. The sales receipt from the first consumer purchase, or other reasonable documentary proof, is required in order to establish the start date of the warranty period.


OUPES will replace (at OUPES's expense) any OUPES product that fails to operate during the applicable warranty period due to defect in workmanship or material. A replacement product assumes the remaining warranty of the original product.

Limited to Original Consumer Buyer
The warranty on OUPES's product is limited to the original consumer purchaser and is not transferable to any subsequent owner.


Return & Refund Conditions

Please carefully read conditions below. If conditions are not met, OUPES reserves the right to refuse the exchange or refund. Please note that OUPES does not permit the return of or offer refunds for the following products:

Product that is custom configured or branded to your specifications.
Product purchased from a 3rd party retail partner.


Product returns

We recognize that sometimes an item may not meet your needs or simply does not fit with your décor. If you are unsatisfied for any reason with your purchase, you can initiate a return or exchange up to 30 days from the date of delivery. For all eligible returns, item(s) must be unused and undamaged and labels and tags must remain intact and returned in their original packaging. Otherwise, the item may not be eligible for return. In the event of receiving an item which does not conform to those standards, please email us at Please retain the original package for returns, otherwise we reserve the right to reasonably refuse any return.

Non-quality Returns:

If you paid and decided that you do not want the item, or you purchased the item in error, the amount charged for shipping will not be refunded. If you paid a shipping charge and the item is defective or we made an error of some kind, the amount charged for shipping will be in the request a return label. If you insist on returning the item, feel free to contact us via email to state your return reason and request a return label. Our customer care support will inform you of the shipping cost. Please note that returned products be in original condition for them to be eligible for return and resale. The product should be unused, unwashed and undamaged and all packaging, labels and tags must remain intact and be attached with the item. If these are not available, the product will not be eligible for return. Once the returned product has been received by us and if the item(s) are as per our return policy, we will then process your refund. Please note the refund takes about 3 business days to be processed and returned to your account.
You can also choose a self-selecting logistics company to return the item, and the shipping expenses shall be borne by yourself. When you need the refund to be issued, please send us an email indicating the order details and return tracking number to expedite the refund process.


Quality or other factors related returns:

If there is any quality issue with the item, please feel free to contact us, we will exert great effort to cope with the issue according to the status of the item with partial refund, full refund, return for replacement.


Sent wrong item:

1.You can choose to keep the wrong item with a discounted price offered by our customer care team. In the meanwhile, you can request us to send you the correct item that you have ordered. In this situation, you have to only pay for the wrong item at a favorable price.
2.You can request a return label to send back the wrong item for the correct replacement or a full refund. After you have delivered the item to UPS, you can contact us for the replacement or the full refund if the return tracking number shows any further status of the shipment.


Item damaged during shipping:

Upon the receipt of the item, if you find the item is damaged or manufacturing defect, please reject the delivery and kindly get in touch with us immediately. We will request you to kindly email us the photographs of the defective product and appropriate action will be taken by our customer care support thereafter.

Damages found after you have received the item, please contact us with pictures of the damaged item, we will either send you return labels to return the damaged item back for a replacement or a full refund or directly send you a new one or a full refund depending on the damage status of the item and your will.


Package Lost: 

After you have received the tracking number, still you haven't got the item by the expected delivery date. You may look around, check it with your neighbors, and contact the shipping company. After which, the package still does not show itself up. Contacting us with your phone number, we would set up a lost package claim against the shipping company to have your matter taken care of. It will take a week or so to get the investigation result from the shipping company. Please wait patiently during the period, and we would take a relevant measure to have it settled.


Order Cancellation:

1. Order cancellation before shipment: You could contact us via emails to have the order cancelled timely. Indicating the order details, such as the order number, receiver's name, and other key information, it will help us to locate your order immediately and cancel it in a prompt manner to avoid unnecessary troubles. You have 24 hours to decide whether to cancel it or not without any additional charge after the order is placed. Once you get a cancellation confirmation from our customer care team, the full refund will be issued to you in two business days.

2. Order cancellation after shipment: Items will be sent out the second day after the order is placed. Cancellation after shipment will be liable to the recall cost charged by UPS, which is $17.6. If you are aware of the charge and still want to have the order cancelled, you can contact us, and we would help you stop the delivery. After the item is being returned by UPS, you can request a refund from us. This policy is only applied to UPS ground delivery service. Items delivered by UPS SurePost, USPS or truck do not allow to be intercepted. If you want to cancel the latter ones, you must reject the packages when the shipping companies are trying to make the delivery and shipping cost will be applied in this case.

3. We have the right to cancel an order due to items being oversold or for any reason of our choosing. If we choose to cancel an order you will be notified immediately and issued a full refund.



OUPES's warranty does not apply to:

  • Misused, abused, modified, damaged by accident, or used for anything other than normal consumer use as authorized in OUPES's current product literature.
  • Attempted repair by anyone other than an authorized facility
  • Any product purchased through an online auction house.

To obtain warranty service, contact our customer service team at

Late or missing refunds

If you haven't received a refund yet, first check your bank account again. If payment was made by credit card, once we receive the product we will credit your account. Please allow 7-10 business days for a credit to appear on your credit card statement.
Then contact your credit card company, it may take some time before your refund is officially posted. Next contact your bank. There is often some processing time before a refund is posted. If you've done all of this and you still have not received your refund, please contact us at


Shipping & Returns

Cancellations & Refunds: The Home Upgrade prides itself on having one of the best return policies in the industry. Cancel any time before your order has shipped, completely free of charge (exceptions apply, including custom made orders). 

Call 1-469-809-4999 or email


Frequently Asked Questions

When will I know my order has shipped?

As soon as you place your order, you will receive an order confirmation e-mail.  This means that we have received your order in our system and pre-authorized your credit card for the purchase.  As soon as we receive your order, we automatically reach out to our suppliers to confirm that it is in stock and available for immediate shipment.  If your item is on backorder or unavailable, we will void the pre-authorization and reach out to you via e-mail.  If your item(s) are available for immediate shipment (within 5 business days), we will process the charges and submit the order for shipment. If, for some reason, there is a delay in stock, we will contact you before accepting payment.


When will my order ship?

If your order is in stock and we process the charges to your credit card, it will ship within 2-5 business days from the date of your order.  We will send you tracking information within 24 hours of your order leaving the warehouse to the e-mail address you provided when checking out.  If you do not receive tracking information from us within six business days of your order, feel free to follow up with us at

No Shipping outside the lower 48 in USA.

If you have questions regarding anything below, please send an email to or call us at 1-469-809-4999


Cancellations (Before Order Ships)

At The Home Upgrade, we pride ourselves on having the best return policies in the industry. Cancel your order any time before it ships completely free of charge (exceptions apply such as custom orders, see below).

If you need to cancel an order, please contact us as soon as possible so we can refund you in full before your order leaves the warehouse. Reach agents during business hours at 1-469-809-4999, the chat in the bottom right, or email any time. 


Cancellations of Custom Orders

Custom or made to order products cannot be canceled or refunded as these products are put into production specifically for your order.

These units, are custom made to your specification or created once you order. Once you place your order they start building your unit. Your warranty will guarantee you a fully functional and operational product. If it is not clear whether your order is custom or made to order, please message or call us. 

All sales are final for Custom made and Made-to-order products.


Refunds and Returns

If you need to exchange your product, you may do so. You, as the customer, are responsible for any shipping costs throughout any returns and exchange processes. 

Not all orders are available for return once they have shipped. We order our products directly from the manufacturer. Therefore, if the manufacturer will not permit us to return a product, we cannot offer you a return. This often varies on a case-by-case basis; please reach out to us if you would like specific information on your brand and/or product. 

Due to drastically increasing LTL/freight shipping costs, any outright returns will incur 25% cancellation fee + return shipping costs. If you are replacing the product with something else, we may be able to help you cover some of the costs depending on the product. 


Shipping Times

We promise to do our best to get your order to you as soon as possible.  We provide estimated shipping times on the product pages based upon what our suppliers and freight companies tell us, and those estimated shipping times may change or vary without notice (Due to supply chain issues, the steel mills behind on making metal, the manufacturers delayed because of the mills, the overwhelmingly demand on shipping, factory/warehouse and dock workers and so on). 

Order delays have proven to be unavoidable and outside of The Home Upgrade's control. While this might be frustrating, we ask you to please be patient and understanding with us in these tough times. We thank you for your business and appreciate your patience.



 Warranties vary depending upon the manufacturer - see individual product pages for details. Warranty damages occur over time and from use. If an item was damaged upon arrival, and not reported within 30 days, that is not a warranty claim.

Contact for any questions.