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MSPA Frame Series – DUET Luxury 2-6 Person Portable Backyard/Outdoor Hot Tub Spa w/ UVC Sanitizer & Anti-Icing System

by MSpa
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MSPA Frame Series – DUET Luxury 2-6 Person Portable Backyard/Outdoor Hot Tub Spa w/ UVC Sanitizer & Anti-Icing System

The Duet is a 6-person spa that is part of MSpa’s Frame Series of portable and inflatable hot tubs. Duet features a modern design that effortlessly combines the beauty of wood grain with a sleek gray stone for a stunning exterior composition. The appealing contemporary aesthetic is matched by high-end functionality and ease of use, ensuring the Duet will be your new favorite spot to relax. With room for up to 6 adults, the Duet is spacious enough for the whole family. It has a classic round shape and measures 5’8″ x 26″. Duet is outfitted with a whopping 138 air jets that release thousands of bubbles to completely surround and cushion you as you enjoy your spa.

Duet features MSpa’s unique, ultra stiff DWF material. This material sets the Frame series apart from traditional inflatable spas. Tens of thousands of high-strength threads are pulled taut to support the spa from within and prevent stretching while adding superior stiffness. The inflatable liners are able to remain aesthetically thin without sacrificing performance. The Duet spa also comes complete with its own, custom fitted spa cover with buckles so the water stays warm when not in use. The cover also helps keep debris out of the hot tub.

Looking for convenience and ease-of-use? You’re in luck! The all-in-one control box houses all of your spa controls in one convenient unit. Easily adjust your hot tub from the user-friendly control center. Duet’s control box also features a cover to shield to protect it from damaging outdoor elements like direct sunlight and extreme weather conditions. Customize your spa experience with variable bubble speeds by adjusting the intensity of the air bubble massage. Plus, smart filtration automatically filters the water for excellent spa water quality. And the anti-icing system prevents your water from freezing while in standby mode.

The Duet makes it easy to enjoy your spa to its full potential by making it easier than ever to ensure clean, clear water. It comes equipped with dual sanitizing features (UVC and ozone) that complement one another. The O3 Ozonator generates bacteria-killing ozone at an output rate of 30-50 mg per hour, while UVC sanitation kills over 60 disease-causing microorganisms and pathogens with a sanitizing chamber that is housed in the spa’s control box. It continuously sanitizes water as it passes through. Ozone kills bacteria faster than UVC, but shouldn’t be used while the spa is occupied. UVC, on the other hand, can be active while people are in the hot tub. Both UVC and ozone can be easily activated with just the press of a button on the all-in-one control box. With the combination of UVC sanitation, ozone, anti-bacterial fabric, and traditional spa chemicals (chlorine or bromine), you can have peace of mind knowing spa experience is safe as can be.

The Duet also features MSpa’s smart filtration, anti-icing system, and whisper-quiet design thanks to the silent motor. And for added convenience, the heating timer function allows you to enjoy your spa at the perfect temperature at any time. As if all that weren’t enough – you can also download the MSpa Link app, which allows you to control your spa from anywhere!

Key Features:
MSpa Link App Controlled
All-in-one Control Box
Variable Bubble Speeds
Heat Tech
Energy Saving Timer
Anti-Icing System
Smart Filtration
UVC Sanitizer
O3 Ozonator
Antibacterial Fabric
Child Safety Lock

In the Box:
Spa cover with buckle and inflatable bladder
Spa tub
All-in-one control box + U-shape cover
Filter cartridge * 2
Filter cartridge base
23.5” high-pressure pump, inflation hose
Heat-preservation foam mat
Garden hose adaptor
Wrench for inlet and outlet
Wrench for inflation valve
Repair kit
Chemical Dispenser for 1″ tablets
Warning label
Water / air channel stoppers

Package Dimensions:
1 Box: 29.5” x 23.6” x 25.6”




Model / SKU


MSpa Series

Frame Series

Seating Capacity

6 Person

Hot Tub Dimensions

5'8" x 26"

Water Capacity

245 gallons / 930 liters

Weight (Dry)

81.6 lbs

Weight (Filled)

2,135 lbs


Air Bubbling System: 138 Jets

Heating Increase Rate

1.8-2.7° F/h

Electrical Requirements

AC 110-120V/60Hz

Heater Output


Max. Water Temperature


Jet Pump


Massage Air Blower

700W – 3 levels (300W, 450W, 700W)

Filter Pump

Circulated Water Flow: 545 Gallons (1800 L) per hour

Ozone Generator


Ozone Output

30 – 50 mg/hour


ETL approved