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Complete Off-Grid Solar Kit - 4,800W 120/240V Output / 48VDC [15.36kWh EG4 Lithium Powerwall] 48VDC + 5,460 Watts of Solar PV | [KIT-V0000]

by EG4
SKU KIT-V0000-3X-15
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Complete Off-Grid Solar Kit - 4,800W 120/240V Output / 48VDC [15.36kWh EG4 Lithium Powerwall] 48VDC + 5,460 Watts of Solar PV | [KIT-V0000]

What's Included With Your KIT-V0000 Solar Kit?

✔ Ships from Texas!

✔2 x Victron MultiPlus-II 48/3000 | 48V Input | 3000VA Output 120V | 35A Charger | Transfer Switch

✔ 1 x (Pre-Assembled) EG4 Enclosed Battery Rack | 6 Slot | Wheels Included | Bus Bar Covers | Welded

✔ 1 x IMO DC Disconnect Rooftop Isolator Switch (SI32-PEL64R-4)

✔ 3 x 72in 2 AWG Battery to Inverter Cables | Black and Red

✔ 2 x 50ft 10 AWG Copper PV Wire | Black and Red

✔ 2 x Staubli MC4 Branch Plug and Socket

✔ 1 x Victron VE.Direct Cable

✔ 1 x Victron Can Bus Cable | VE. Can to CAN-bus BMS type A Cable

✔ 3 x Victron MEGA-fuse 125A/58V

✔ 1 x Victron Energy | GX Touch 50

✔ 1 x Victron Energy Cerbo GX | Panels and System Monitoring

✔ 1 x Victron Energy Lynx Distributor | 1000A

✔ 1 x 84in 1 AWG Battery to Inverter Cables | Black and Red

✔1 x Victron SmartSolar MPPT 250/100-Tr VE.Can

✔Lifetime Customer Support Based in Texas (via Phone, Email)

Panel Options:

  • 12 x Hyperion 400W Bifacial Solar Panel (Black) - 4800W
  • 10 x Hyundai 300W Solar Panel ( Black Frame ) | Half-Cell Mono-Crystalline
  • No Panels

Battery Options:

  • 3 x EG4-LifePower4 Lithium Battery | 48V 100AH | Server Rack Battery

& 1 x EG4 LiFePOWER4 Communications Hub

  • 3 x SALE EG4-LL-S Lithium Battery | 48V 100AH

*Our kits include just about everything you will need. However, you need your own installation tools and grounding rods/wire as well as optional components like surge limiters, and breaker panel/s. We also strongly recommend getting a certified solar installer and/or master electrician for professional installation.


Additional Information

Victron MultiPlus-II

Victron MultiPlus-II

The MultiPlus-II is a versatile and advanced power management solution that builds upon the solid foundation of the MultiPlus, offering a range of enhanced features to meet the evolving needs of both residential and commercial users.


External Current Transformer Option

A standout feature of the MultiPlus-II is its compatibility with external current transformers, allowing for efficient energy optimization. With PowerControl and PowerAssist, it intelligently manages limited AC sources, adjusting battery charging rates to prevent overload and preserving battery health. In high-demand situations, it can draw from the battery to ensure uninterrupted power to critical appliances.


Energy Storage System Integration

The MultiPlus-II is designed to work seamlessly with MPPT Solar Chargers or Grid-tie PV Inverters. This means that you can easily integrate renewable energy sources into your power system, reducing your reliance on traditional grid power.  


UPS Functionality

In today's world, a reliable power supply is crucial. The MultiPlus-II acts as a reliable Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) by automatically taking over in the event of a grid failure in less than 20 milliseconds. This rapid switchover ensures that your critical systems stay online without interruption, protecting your sensitive electronics and ensuring the continuity of essential services.


Remote Monitoring and Control

Keeping a close eye on your power system has never been easier. With the MultiPlus-II, you have the convenience of remote monitoring and control. Whether you're at home, in the office, or on the go, you can access and manage your power system using a phone, tablet, laptop, or PC running various operating systems. This level of control empowers you to make real-time adjustments, monitor performance, and receive alerts, all from the palm of your hand or the comfort of your desk.


Built-in Anti-Islanding and International Approvals

The MultiPlus-II comes equipped with built-in anti-islanding protection to ensure that your system disconnects from the grid during outages, preventing potential safety hazards for utility workers. Additionally, it boasts an extensive list of country approvals, making it a globally recognized and trusted solution for your energy needs, no matter where you are.


Victon Energy GX Touch 50

Victon Energy GX Touch 50

The GX Touch 50 and GX Touch 70 are display accessories for Victron’s Cerbo GX. The five-inch and seven-inch touchscreen displays give Get an instant overview of your system and adjust settings in the blink of an eye with the touch screen displays. A waterproof design, single cable set-up, and simple installation create a tidy yet flexible framework that makes your system as pleasant to look at as it is to use.


The GX Touch Protection Covers protect the GX Touch display from water, dust as well as UV light.


Simply Mounted

The GX Touch is optimised to more than meet the standards of installer professionals. The screen is simply bolted on top of a dashboard, eliminating the need to create perfect cut-outs and is connected through just one cable, taking away the hassle of having to bring many wires to a dashboard.


Victron SmartSolar MPPT 250/100-Tr VE.Can

Victron SmartSolar MPPT 250/100-Tr VE.Can and Batteries

Using cutting-edge technology, SmartSolar maximizes the energy harvesting capability of a solar charge controller to intelligently achieve max charge in the shortest possible time.


Ultra Fast MPPT

  • The MPPT VE.Can SmartSolar charger connects to a PV array of 150 or 250 Volt Voc and will automatically detect and charge your 12, 24, or 48V battery bank with current ranging from 70 to 100A depending on the model.

  • The charge settings are fully programmable and can even be set up for different battery chemistries, like lead-acid, lithium and others.


Remote Monitoring and Control

  • The MPPT VE.Can SmartSolar charger can be remotely controlled and configured over Bluetooth via the VictronConnect App. This allows device set-up, management, and at-a-glance information, such as battery voltage and current, PV voltage and current, and historical data.


Load Output

  • Configure the voltage at which SmartSolar disconnects a load.


Daisy Chain Additional Units

  • The VE.Can SmartSolar charger is equipped with CAN bus ports. This allows for communication with additional VE.Can SmartSolar chargers. The additional units are simply “daisy chained” to each other with a single RJ45 cable between the individual units.


EG4 LifePower4 Lithium Batteries

Introducing the EG4 LifePower4 Lithium Battery – a powerhouse of energy storage that offers unmatched reliability and durability. With an impressive 100AH capacity and an advanced internal Battery Management System (BMS), this battery is engineered to excel in every aspect. Inside its sturdy casing, you'll find a configuration of 16 UL listed prismatic cells, each providing 3.2 volts in series. Rigorously tested through 7,000 deep discharge cycles at 80% Depth of Discharge (DoD), this battery can be charged and discharged daily for over 15 years without skipping a beat.


Our commitment to quality extends beyond endurance testing. The EG4 LifePower4 Lithium Battery undergoes comprehensive quality checks, boasting a remarkable 99% operating efficiency. This ensures that every bit of energy is effectively harnessed, translating into cost savings and peace of mind for your energy storage needs. Whether for residential or commercial applications, choose the EG4 LifePower4 Lithium Battery for the ultimate combination of reliability, longevity, and efficiency – it's the future of energy storage in your hands.


  • Tier One, A+ Cell Composition

  • 99% Efficiency LiFePo4 16-Cell Pack

  • Max Energy Density

  • Flexible Racking Options

  • Environmentally Friendly & Lead-Free

  • Stress-Free Battery Bank Expansion Capacity

  • Longer Lasting; 10-20 year Design Life

  • Reliable Built-In BMS, Voltage, Current, Temp. and Health Management

  • Entire Battery UL Listed.


EG4-LL-S Lithium Battery Features:

Discover our exceptional Best In Class Solar Rack Battery, engineered for outstanding performance and longevity. With a remarkable 7000 deep charge and discharge cycles, this battery is designed to last for up to 15 years, with an 80% daily depth of discharge, and is capable of an impressive 20-year lifespan. Featuring Tier One, A+ Cell Composition and boasting 99% efficiency, our LiFePo4 16-Cell Pack ensures top-tier quality. Plus, it offers the #1 Energy Density in a Server Rack Battery Form Factor. With selectable closed-loop inverter communications compatible with Schneider, Solark, Victron, Growatt, and EG4, you have the flexibility to choose the best fit for your setup. You can also parallel up to 64 batteries, delivering 327.6kWh of power while maintaining seamless BMS communications.



  • E-Stop functionality

  • Reliable Built-In EG4 Smart BMS, Voltage, Current, Temp. and Health Management

  • Cell & Module Voltage Protection

  • Short Circuit Protection >250A <0.1mS

  • On-board LCD Screen

  • PC Monitoring Software

  • Lifetime firmware updates

  • Dual Onboard automatic fire arrestors

  • Lead-Free

  • Design Optimized and Tested by EG4, Texas Based

  • 10-Year Warranty Supported and Serviced in Texas

  • For maximum power, our 6 DIP switch option allows you to have 327.6kWh while preserving BMS communications.


Additional Information

Spec Sheet ( Victron MultiPlus-II):

Spec Sheet (Victron SmartSolar MPPT):

Spec Sheet (EG4-LifePower4):

Spec Sheet (EG4-LL-S):