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Battery Evo Walrus Arctic 8 kW – 15.5 kWh AC110/220V 72

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Battery Evo Walrus Arctic 8 kW – 15.5 kWh AC110/220V 72

200Ah 15.5 kWh + 8kW Inverter


Step up to energy independence with the Walrus Home Battery System, a comprehensive power solution designed for a wide range of home setups. Boasting a generous 15.5 kWh capacity and an integrated 8 kW inverter, the Walrus offers a resilient home battery backup to ensure your lights stay on, your appliances run, and your home remains secure, regardless of grid uncertainty.
For homes equipped with solar panels, the Walrus acts as a solar battery, storing excess energy generated during the day to power your evenings or to provide an emergency energy reserve. This not only maximizes your use of solar power but also contributes to lower energy bills and a reduced carbon footprint. If you’re without solar panels, worry not—Walrus seamlessly draws from the grid, offering you the same benefits of energy storage and backup.
Installation is streamlined and user-friendly; the Walrus comes with a Plug n’ Play system featuring clear, accessible side panel connections. With ports for both AC and PV input, it supports homes with traditional AC grid power and those utilizing DC from solar panels. Its dual RS 485 ports, Wi-Fi capability, and generator communication port speak to its smart adaptability, ensuring that whatever your setup, from grid-tied to completely off-grid, integration is simple and efficient.
Expect not just backup but also peak performance. The system’s 95% efficiency and pure-sine wave output mean your sensitive electronics are safely powered, while the option of dual voltage outputs (120V/220V) ensures compatibility with a variety of appliances and tools. The built-in safety features, including an AC circuit breaker and a ground screw hole, underscore the Walrus’s commitment to both reliability and safety.


  • Works on homes with grid tied solar panels for more utility savings.
  • Works on off-grid homes with DC solar panels using PV 90-230V.
  • Works on homes without solar panels to reduce energy bills.
  • Wi-Fi and network ports installed.
  • 110V/220V Outlets installed on center console.
  • Programmable charge/discharge time scheduler.
  • Wheels installed for portability and removes the need to wall mount.
  • Expandable by connecting multiple Walrus to get more capacity.
  • Made in America.
  • 10 Year warranty.

    Every Component On One Device:

    The Walrus side panel includes every port you need to install using DC solar panels or AC grid tied homes.

    PV Input DC (90V-230V)

    Easily connect your solar panels DC using the included BE175 connector.

    AC Input (Max 50A)

    Connect home AC grid power to the Walrus using SS2-50P connector.

    AC Output (Max 50A)

    Connect the Walrus to your home using NEMA14-50R connector.


    SKU: EVO-WLRS-B0815-72
    System Voltage: AC110/220V
    Nominal Voltage: 76.8V
    Chemistry: LFP
    kWh Capacity: 15.5kWh
    Ah Capacity: 200Ah
    Charging Voltage: 82.8V - 87.6V
    Max Charge Voltage: 88.2V
    Operating Voltage Range: 67.2V - 87.6V
    Suggested Low Voltage Cutoff: 67.2V - 76.2V
    Cell Configuration: 24S1P
    Max Continuous Discharge Current: 100A
    Max Continuous Power: 8000W
    Max Discharge Peak Current: 16000W (3 seconds)
    Max Charge Current: 80A(DC) / 50A(AC)
    Charge Temperature Range: 0°C (32°F) / 55°C (131°F)
    Discharge Temperature Range: -20°C (-4°F) / 55°C (131°F)
    Optimal Discharge Temperature Range: 15°C (59°F) / 35°C (95°F)
    Storage Temperature Range: -5°C (23°F) / 35°C (95°F) (Max 6 Months)
    Weight: 515lbs (233.6kg)
    Depth: 24.4in (620mm)
    Width: 15.4in (390mm)
    Height: 56.75in (1441.45mm)
    Safety Features: 63A AC Input Breaker & Battery Management System (Over/Under Voltage, Over Current, & Over/Under Temperature Protections)
    Max Connections: Up To (8) Battery Packs with Parallel
    Batterty Spec Sheet: View