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Enlighten - RUSTIC - 4 Full Spectrum Infrared Sauna

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Enlighten - RUSTIC - 4 Full Spectrum Infrared Sauna


4-Person Rustic Canadian Cedar Outdoor Sauna is one of our top products in the outdoors sauna family. This beautiful sauna consists of a larger cabin that will easily fit up to 4 people. Rustic 4 offers an increased infrared power while maintaining its cozy and spacious feel in your garden or patio; elegantly manufactured with top quality materials to ensure safety, comfort and effectiveness and combined in a weather-resistant shell to ensure durability and resistance in the outdoors.

Certified 2 Full Spectrum Heaters and 9 Carbon Heaters deliver effective infrared therapy without harmful effects.

    Product Information:

    Product Features

    • Double Roof ( Flat Roof + Outdoor Roof With Asphalt Shingles, Choose Peak Or Slope Design)
    • Insulation
    • Real Western Canadian Red Cedar Wood Outside And Inside
    • Very Responsive Full Spectrum Heaters
    • Eco-Certified
    • Non-Toxic
    • Low EMF
    • Bluetooth Player With Speakers (FM/USB/AUX/MP3)

    Product Specifications

      • Width: 67.5"
      • Depth: 57.5"
      • Height: 73"
      • Bench: 65.5" x 22"
      • Width: 71.5"
      • Depth: 61.5"
      • Height: (Peak) 96" / (Slope) 86" / (Indoor) 76"
      • Slope Roof Width: 85.5" / Depth: 75.5"
      • Peak Roof Width: 83.5" / Depth: 73.5"
      • Indoor Width: 81.5" / Depth: 71.5"
      • Slope Roof Weight: 1125lbs / Shipping Weight: 1175lbs
      • Indoor & Peak RoofWeight: 1050lbs / Shipping weight: 1100lbs
      • Voltage: 220/240V - 20-30AMP
      • Plug: NEMA 5-20p
      • Wattage: 3750W

        Product Manual:

          Specification Sheet

          Receiving your Sauna Checklist

          Sealant Guide

          User Manual

          Enlighten Installation:

          With a purchase of Enlighten Sauna, you can also have your sauna installed. This is how it works:

          • At checkout, you will choose the Installation option which will be listed as free. At this point, there is no commitment for you to actually go through with this option
          • After you complete your order: you will receive information form from us asking for you to send us a video, photos, or both where of where you would like the sauna to be placed and the route required to get there from the road as well as the installation agreement. We will also provide you with a base quote (See bottom page) which may increase depending on the complexity of your installation. The sauna must be placed on a flat surface, and it must be a concrete slab or high quality wood (or other). However, it cannot be placed on the dirt ground.
          • After we receive the completed form: we will get back to you promptly with a full quote for the installation depending on the difficulty of accessign the location where you would like the sauna installed and the surface which it will be installed on. 

          You may then complete payment for installation, and your appointment will be booked!

          After you receive your quote, if you would prefer to outsource to your own installer, or put it together yourself (usually between 2-5 hours depending on experience and number of people setting it up), your order will remain completely valid and you will receive free curbside delivery. You may upgrade to threshold delivery (where the item will be placed outside of your door or sheltered area). If possible, we recommend putting the sauna together yourself, it will save you lots of money, and it is not an overly difficult installation process, especially with a few people. 

          You must cancel your installation 48 hours before it occurs, or you will be charged 30% for late cancellation. Any rescheduling also must be made ahead of 48 hours in advance. 

          Base Prices: Full Installation Services

          40 miles radius of zip code: 94010

          Local Installation 2 Person Models $1895
          Local Installation 3 Person Models $2095
          Local Installation 4 Person Models $2295
          Local Installation 4C Models $2395
          Local Installation 5 Person Models $2495


          Southern California

          Installation 2 Person Models $2095
          Installation 3 Person Models $2295
          Installation 4 Person Models $2495
          Installation 4C Models $2595
          Installation 5 Person Models $2695


          Outside California

          Installation 2 Person Models $2795
          Installation 3 Person Models $2995
          Installation 4 Person Models $3195
          Installation 4C Models $3295
          Installation 5 Person Models $3395



          Please note:  Above is for assembly of the sauna. The installation crew will not be able to configure your electrical requirements. It is important to note, the saunas have varying volts depending on the size. Some saunas will be able to be easily hooked up to electrical set ups with no changes needed, but others may require a larger volt plug. We are happy to provide you the specific electrical requirements of each, but recommend contacting an electrician if you are not sure of your precise requirements and whether you will need to make adjustments. We are also happy to help find an electrician in your area.