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Sungold Power 10kw Hybrid Solar Inverter Ul1741 Standard

SKU LFPV10K-48-120A-SP
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SUNGOLD POWER 10KW Hybrid Solar Inverter UL1741 Standard

  • All in one unit: This item is UL1741 standard, integrated with a 120/240V 10KW split phase off grid pure sine wave inverter, 80A AC charger, MPPT solar charge controllers and a transfer switch in one package.
  • Low Frequency Inverter: Built-in pure copper low frequency transformer, which is more reliable and sturdy. the transformer handles higher power spikes with longer duration when it comes to driving inductive loads such as electric motor, pump, compressor, air conditioners.
  • Built in Mppt solar controller: It has two 60A MPPT solar chargers which can accept two strings of 60A PV (Max 3500w) input from two solar arrays or parallel to accept 120A (Max 2X3500w) input from one big PV array
  • Suitable for different batteries: The unit can use flooded lead-acid, sealed GEL/AGM/LiFePO4 batteries, Compatible to mains voltage or generator which charge the battery or power the load.
  • LCD Setting Panel: Configurable DC priority / AC priority / intelligent mode selection setting /AC charging current/AC charging voltage/ Battery low voltage shutdown point setting via LCD setting.

Simplified Solar Solutions

Simplified Solar Solutions

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Best Components, Lowest Prices

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Expert Guidance

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We’re people just like you

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Trusted Solar Authority

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  • Rated Power
    LFPV8K-48-120A-SP: 8KW
    LFPV10K-48-120-SP: 10KW
    LFPV12K-48-120A-SP: 12KW
  • Surge Rating
    LFPV8K-48-120A-SP: 24KW
    LFPV10K-48-120-SP: 30KW
    LFPV12K-48-120A-SP: 36KW
  • Waveform: Pure Sine Wave/Same as input (bypass mode)
  • AC Output: 120V/240V
  • Output Frequency: 50HZ/60HZ
  • Inverter Efficiency: 88%
  • Transfer Time: 10ms

Solar Charger

  • Maximum PV Charge Current: 120A (60A + 60A)
  • Maximum PV Array Power: 7000W (2 x 3500W)
  • MPPT Range (VDC): 60-145Vdc
  • Maximum PV Array Open Circuit Voltage: 155V

AC Input

  • AC Input Voltage: 240VAC
  • AC Input Voltage Range: 160 ~265V/194 ~258V
  • Frequency Range: 50Hz/60Hz(auto)
  • Max Charging Current: Max 80A

DC Voltage

  • Nominal DC Input Voltage: 48V
  • Min DC Start Voltage: 44V
  • Low DC Alarm: 42.0±0.6Vdc
  • Low DC Shut-down: 9.5V/10/10.5V/11V/11.5V/11.8VDC X 4
  • DC Voltage point setting: 10.5V/11V/11.5V/12V/12.5V/12.8VDC X 4

Mechanical Specifications

  • Inverter Dimensions:
    LFPV8K-48-120A-SP: 25.6 x 17.6 x 8.8
    LFPV10K-48-120-SP: 25.6 x 17.6 x 8.8
    LFPV12K-48-120A-SP: 25.6 x 17.6 x 8.8
  • Net Weight: 
    LFPV8K-48-120A-SP: 125lbs
    LFPV10K-48-120-SP: 143lbs
    LFPV12K-48-120A-SP: 154lbs